1. Click in Terms or Privacy Policy link at login page. Terms or Privacy Policy have Menu(At left). The Menu have:

  • For Landlord.       
  • For Renter.
  • For ServicePRO.
  • Pricing.
  • Resource center.
  • About Us.
  • Support.  

2. Click in "For Land lord/For Renter/ For ServicePRO/Pricing/How it works/Sign up /About us/Contact us/News & blog/Help center/Invite to use/Road map" link at Footer of Terms or privacy policy page (Under useful links section). It Should open respective pages.

3. You can Subscribe to Newsletter by giving email and Clicking in Ok button at footer section of terms or privacy Policy page.

4. Click in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn link in footer . It should open twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. 

5. Click in "Login|Get Started" button(at top). It should open a pop up window with Following fields:   

  •   Your name(Text box) 
  •   Contact Number(Text box) etc.   

 Give correct Information in pop up window and Submit the form. It should give some confirmation

 message.  You can Send message to RentOnCloud by This.



Note:  If user give incorrect information then it should give error message.