1. Login as Landlord/Renter/ServicePRO.

2. Navigate to profile(at top)--Profile info page(at left).

3. You can select First name/Middle Name/Last Name/Company Registration Number/ Company Name /Mobile no country's fields/Date of birth/ Nationality fields/gender . Give correct data in mandatory fields.

4. Click yes to  Display Company  option. It  should show two more fields: Company Registration Number and Company    Name fields.

5. Click "Phone no. Verified" Button. It  should  send a OTP to your mobile and You  can verify his phone no with OTP. 

6. Click Save & next button. It should save the data and It should take You to The connect tab of the RentOnCloud.

7. For incorrect data it should give error message.                                                                                                                   


   There are 3 way to reach profile setting page:      

  • Left menu panel - Settings.
  • Header - Settings icon.
  • Header> Profile icon >navigate profile or settings.

     all alternatives paths should open the settings page of that Landlord/Renter/ServicePRO.