1. Login as Landlord/Renter/ServicePRO.

2. Navigate to Profile(top right corner)--Profile info page(at left) --Connect Tab. You should show Connect With Facebook, Connect with Google ,Connect With telegram ,Connect With LinkedIn In connect tab.

3. Click in connect Facebook, or google, or LinkedIn, or telegram. It should connect you to social media. You can also                  disconnect or reconnect from social media by clicking respective button . When You are connected to social media then          You should able to see reconnect and disconnected button.

4. Give Current address. 

5. Clicking in Save & next should save the information and it should take You to the bank &card details tab.

Note:  Current address is auto populate. There are 3 way to reach profile setting page:

  • Left menu panel - Settings.
  • Header - Settings icon.
  • Header> Profile icon >navigate profile or settings.

    all alternatives paths should open the settings page of that Landlord/Renter/ServicePRO.