You can define own custom account name categorized under existing account type for reporting

1. Login as Landlord.

2. Navigate to Profile(Top right corner)--Chart of account page(at left). The page should have the following business expenses, business income, capital overflow, Capital inflow .

3 .You can Add new Custom account name in Profile(At top right)-->Chart of account page(At left)-->Business Expenses tab by clicking "Add New" button and giving Name, Account type, category. 

4. You can also cancel the Custom account name also by clicking "cancel". 

5. You can Print the data By clicking Print. 

6. You can import the data as csv by clicking CSV.

7. You can edit custom account name by clicking edit with its corresponding Action if there is existing custom account name.

Note: You can do as above in Business Income, Capital Overflow, Capital Inflow tab.