1. Logging as Landlord/Renter/ServicePRO.

2. Navigate to calendar(at top) page. It should open the page of calendar with following fields:

  • Add new button to add new reminder.
  • Year dropdown to see that year reminder.
  • Month dropdown to see that month reminder.
  • Month button to change view as monthly
  • Year button to change view as yearly

3. You can add/Delete/update a reminder By Clicking Add/Delete/update button . You can also do recurring reminder By toggle the recurring and Selecting Subtype.

4. You can change the calendar view from month to year and vice versa by clicking month/year. You can select  year and month by clicking month and year.


For example for adding a reminder at present date you have to click in Add New Button. A pop up window will come. There you can select :

  •  Reminder date 
  •  Reminder time 
  •  Reminder message 
  •  Recurring toggle 
  • Subtype

Then click in "Save &next" button. It will Add the reminder to that date and you can see it in Month view. After adding the reminder Click in that reminder. It will open a pop up window with delete and edit button. You can delete/update the reminder by clicking in those button.