1. Login as User (Landlord/ServicePRO/Renter).

2. Navigate to menu(On left side)--Fix it it--Reminders.

3. You can add simple reminder or recurring reminder by clicking in add reminder button.

4. You can see reminders by clicking in date.

5. You  can change date and year by clicking date and year.


6. You can Change view of reminder by clicking Month and Year.


For example for adding a reminder at present date you have to click in Add New Button. A pop up window will come. There you can select :

  • Reminder date 
  • Reminder time  
  • Reminder message 
  • Recurring toggle 
  • Subtype

Then click in "Save &next" button. It will Add the reminder to that date and you can see it in Month view. After adding the reminder Click in that reminder. It will open a pop up window with delete and edit button. You can delete/update the reminder by clicking in those button.