1. Login as Landlord.


2. Navigate to Menu(at left)--Accounting --Deposit.

3. Add money in /Money out transaction By clicking "Money In"/ "Money Out" button.  and By giving Following Information :

  • Payee Name(Can add one or more by clicking Add More).
  • Property Name. 
  • Date.
  • Kind of Expenses (Like telephone). 
  • Amount.
  • Upload photo.

Then click in Mark as paid or save button.

4. You  can import the Deposit as csv by clicking "Import From CSV".

5. You can filter Deposit From all property based on

  • Status.  
  • Date.   
  • Property.
  • Party Name. 
  • Category. 
  • Amount.  

6. You  can 

  • View. 
  • Edit.   
  • Mark as paid.
  • Mark as unpaid. 
  • Delete Deposits.  

BY Clicking on action button (three dots).


Deposit is another table menu in Landlord-Accounting where transaction is presented separately but they are part of same Transaction table similar to Income type (Capital Inflow and Outflow - Security Deposit category account will be displayed to select). Entry can be also be added IN or OUT manually via deposit presentation table, but effectively they are captured in Transaction table. Its just a sorted table presented in a separate table view and labelled as Deposit.