1. Login as Landlord.


2. Navigate to Menu(at left)--Inventory.

3. You can add new "Generic inventory" by clicking "New Inventory" button . It will open "New inventory" page. In Generic Tab of "New inventory" page  You  can give general Information of Inventory in "Generic info" tab. In other tab(Like living room etc) You can give other information of inventory. The only difference between generic tab and other tab, is that generic tab is for all and other tab are specific to that type of generic inventory like

  • Entrance.  
  • Living room.  
  • kitchen etc.

The other information of inventory are like :

  • Entrance.  
  • Living room.  
  • kitchen. 
  • Bed room. 
  • Toilet.  
  • +New room. 
  • Notes. 
  • Preview.  
  • Signatories. 


4. Add above information and Click in Save Button. It will save the inventory. You can cancel the inventory by clicking cancel.

5. You can delete/duplicate new "Living room " inventory by clicking Delete or Duplicate button. .

You can upload photos of inventory in other tab (Like living room etc).The "saved inventory" will be shown in list view of inventory. 

6. You  Can Add more room By clicking +Newroom tab. 

7. You can add notes and Signatory by clicking notes and Signatories tab. Land lord can See the preview in pdf In Preview Tab. After Saving the information landlord can see the inventory in List view and it will be shown to landlord only but when landlord sign and send the inventory to the renter, it will be shown to Tenant/renter's document storage module .