1. Login as Landlord .

2. Navigate to Menu(at left)--Documents. It will open Documents in a list view. 

There Will be Two tab of 

  • Active. 
  • Archive.

In these tabs, The documents will be shown in list with following information:

  • File. 
  • Property. 
  • Description.  
  •  Shared with. 
  •  Sharing.  
  •  Expiry Date. 
  • Action.

In Archive Tab You Can see the Archived Inventory. 

3. In action Colum You  can see :

  • Edit
  • Download
  • Share link.  
  •  Archive  . 
  •  Delete link 

to do the respective action. 

4. You  Can Filter Documents With Dropdown Criteria. You Can Sort The inventory With:

  • Property
  • Description
  • Shared with.  
  •  Sharing. 
  •  Expiry Date.
  • File.

by clicking the Colum header.

5. You can Paginate Inventory With 1,2,3,Next, previous Etc. By clicking respective links. 

6. You  can select Inventory Per page With 10 ,20 30 etc. By selecting "show" Entries.


You can select all documents or one at a time With checkbox by "Select all" or individual check box