Contact Can Be Added as follows:

(1) Landlord/servicepro/renter can add new Contact With following Information: 1>Contact type 2>First name 3>Middle name 4>Last name 5>Display Company 6>Company name 7>Company Registration number 8>Email address 9>Phone no 10> Address.

Person who logged in to app should have own contact list (3 types - Renter, ServicePro and Landlord). So it will not be full users list of app. As soon he added in to contact and that profile is available on app, then connection will built.

(2) Contact is added When you can refer- log in as Renter - go to FixIt - Task - add new task - in Select property field drop down - invite landlord or add property- this will open a drawer to add property and in same drawer next it will ask contact name , email that event will also trigger to update contact list

(3) Contact can be added when login as Landlord - navigate to menu ‘Screening’ then add new order- select 3rd card - invite landlord - checkout - it will ask form to add Name and email of person to invite- that event will also trigger a contact list.

(4) There is one more place contact can be added that is accounting transactions Payee field.