Login as Landlord and navigate to Menu(at left)--Documents. It will open Documents in a list view. There Will be Two tab of 1>Active 2>Archive. In these tabs, The documents will be shown in list with following information 1>File 2>Property 3>Description 4>Shared with 5>Sharing 6>Expiry Date 7>Action. In action Colum landlord can see 1>Edit 2>Download 3>Share link 4>Archive 5>Delete link to do the respective action. In Archive Tab Landlord Can see the Archived Inventory.

Landlord can  1>Edit 2>Download 3>Share link 4>Archive 5>Delete the Document. 

Landlord Can Filter Documents With Dropdown Criteria. Landlord Can Sort The inventory With 1>Property 2>Description 3>Shared with 4>Sharing 5>Expiry Date by clicking the Colum header. 

Landlord can select all documents or one at a time With checkbox.

Landlord can Paginate Inventory With 1,2,3,Next, previous Etc by clicking respective links. 

Landlord can select Inventory Per page With 10 ,20 30 etc By selecting "show" Entries.